Oil with Monterrubio "La unidad" PDO

The development of extra virgin olive oils protected by the Denomination of Origin "Monterrubio Oil", is carried out primarily with olive varieties called "Cornezuelo" which provide a fruity, aromatic and nutty flavour, and "Picual" or "Jabata" responsible for the high stability of our oil and a spicy shade in taste.

Our designation of origin dictates some stringent rules to be observed in all processes: growing, harvesting, transportation of the fruit, processing, and so on.

Only the production that meets the demanding specifications of our Control Board will finally be worthy of our hallmark of quality "DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN MONTERRUBIO OIL."

Botellas de Aceite la Unidad
Oil Characteristics

- Acidity: 0,5º maximum

- Peroxide levels: Under 19

- K270: Under 0.20

- Humidity: Less than 0.1%

- Impurities: Less than 0.1%

- Taste: fruity, aromatic, with hints of almond bitter and spicy.

- Color: yellow-green

pie del cuerpo
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