The company

Our facilities are located in the town of Monterrubio de la Serena (Badajoz), with 10,000 m2 built within an area of 100,000 m2. Within the facilities we can find the following units:

OFFICES, HALL FOR PACKAGING, PACKAGING WAREHOUSE, warehouses, Decanting Room, COLD PREPARATION ROOM AND STANDARD PREPARATION ROOM, PATIO FOR RECEIVING OLIVES. In addition to all these premises we have at our disposal workshops, boiler room, SILO for product storage, product storage warehouse, ETC.

The Cooperative company also develops an auxiliary industry of subproducts (review area and dryer of alpeorujos) and a plant for wastewater treatment, being pioneers in this type of process.

In addition, we also have the old facilities, 12,000 m2 in the town of Monterrubio de La Serena, with over 5,000 m2

Galeria de videos  y fotos Gaelría de videos Galeía de fotos Capacity of Receipt and Grinding of Olives

Members collect their olives daily and the catching method used is a vibrator attached to the tractor with an inverted umbrella.

Our Cooperative Company has in its new facilities 5 full receipt, cleaning, washing and weighing lines, with a receipt capacity of 30,000 kgs of olives per hour in each of them.

There are two other receipt lines in the towns of Talarrubias and Peraleda de Zaucejo, for the olives from their municipalities.

Oil storage

The storage capacity of the oil produced reaches a total amount close to 4,000,000 kgs, ie all of our production.

There are two warehouses, one of them is CENTRAL and the other for PACKAGING.

The Central Warehouse has 25 tanks of 100,000 kgs each and Packaging Warehouse has 21 deposits of 50,000 kgs each, and 9 of 33,000 kgs.

We also have another 4 tanks of 32,000 kgs of capacity and another deposit of 25,000 kgs.

The tanks are all made in stainless steel so that they preserve the extraordinary quality of our oil.

Packaging line

Our Cooperative Company has two packaging lines.

The first is a rotary volumetric filler with 10 faucets of the brand AUSERE, with a filling capacity of 5,000 liters per hour. In this line we pack the models with capacity equal to or greater than 1 liter and up to 5 liters.

The second packaging line is a rotary filler of 12 taps, also of the brand AUSERE with a filling capacity of up to 4,000 units an hour. In this line we pack models under 1 liter, especially in glass

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